Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Farm friends

When I went to EcoFarm last year I met the folks from Malibu Compost. They really helped put biodynamics in practice for me. Its an easy theory to get behind but the actual practices are specific and hard to understand. There are lots of numbers and application specifics. Anyway, the folks from Malibu Compost were awesome. 

Fast forward to making friends on social media and meeting up in person we have become great friends. 

Lauren taught our July class at our Second Saturday Market Place class and it was awesome. (Pictures posted here) Matt will be back on the farm for the October class. They are so knowledgeable and willing to spread the good word about composting, brewing tea and soil health. 

Aqua Flo delivered a very generous donation from Malibu Compost. EDCO was on hand to help unload.
EDCO delivering the goods to the farm.
Amazing! Biodynamic compost for our farm! Great for building soil and making healthy food for the people.
Potting soil for all our seed starting and transplants. Healthy plants should have a healthy start.

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