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Friday, February 15, 2013

Farmstand 59

Its official, March 8th and 9th will be our opening weekend for Farmstand 59! Store hours are Friday's 2-6 and Saturday's 10-2. We will be open weekly until November.

We will also be working on the store this Monday the 18th. If you have the day off come celebrate past farming president's with us and finish the store.

Really excited to be providing you and your family with locally grown, organic produce.

See you all on the farm!


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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2nd Saturday Work Day this Saturday.

Hello Long Beach Locals-
Reminder that this Saturday is our monthly 2nd Saturday work day. We will be prepping the farm for spring planting, making soil blocks and working in the greenhouse. If you want to learn how to successfully start seeds for your home garden this is the work day for you.
We will also have Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for sale from our seed rack. All seeds are $2.50 and have been selected by me to be ready to plant now. Your summer garden will be beautiful and original if you use these seeds. They are from a family farm in Missouri and have led the seed saving movement and the fight against non-GMO's. By buying these seeds you are not only supporting our small farm but you are supporting the work of Baker Creek.
The farm is busy with spring energy and we are gearing up to open Farmstand 59 next month. We are still looking for a Saturday volunteer to work in the store. If you are interested in this please email me.
Thanks for supporting local agriculture.
Sasha Kanno
Farmer - Farm Lot 59

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Soil blocking

 At the farm we use the soil blocking method. Its something developed by Eliot Coleman who wrote a fantastic book, The New Organic Grower. Its basically a way to start seeds in a nutrient packed little cube giving the plants the best start possible. By making the blocks you are eliminating the plastic containers and root shock. Its quite laborious and takes a lot of soil, compost and time to get it right but its worth it.

First you make the mix

Making the soil blocks
Your work station
Filling the green house tray by tray