Sunday, July 31, 2011

Harvest Dinner - Sept 25th.

Dear Long Beach resident, local organic farmer, community gardener, chef or food provider,
On September 25, 2011 T’sSpace in collaboration with Farm Lot 59, Beach Greens, Long Beach Produce Exchange and 2cc (2nd City Council Art Gallery + Performance Space) are hosting a Local Community Harvest Dinner. This event is designed to celebrate the nourishing organic, local food that farmers, gardeners, chefs and distributors bring to our tables and offer an opportunity to educate and empower our community on the importance of eating and supporting healthy, organic and locally harvested food and products.  We hope to provide an opportunity for you to connect with the greater community and with one another in a casual, intimate setting.
We invite you as a Long Beach resident, local organic farmer, community gardener, chef or food provider to join our table.  We ask that you bring a vegetarian dish prepared from your harvest or local organic food provider to serve min 8-10 people, a place card describing your dish and where it came from.  We also invite you to bring surplus organic produce or products from your harvest to share at the Trading Post (a table for people to exchange their harvests & products like sweet potatoes and jam). We are inviting the community at large to do the same.  We want this event to be an experience where people leave feeling empowered to make sustainable choices in their life, form personal relationships with the people who are growing and distributing food here in Long Beach, eat healthy nourishing food and connect to our community.  Feel free to bring materials about your farm, garden or services.
Join us at the table:
Sunday, September 25th, 6:30 – 8:30pm
at the beautiful art gallery and garden:
2nd City Council Art Gallery
435 Alamitos, Long Beach, CA
We will be highlighting participants that provide sustainable food to our tables. If you are interested in speaking please let us know.  Depending on the number of participants we will at the very least make introductions. 
Please confirm your participation by September 15th.
To RSVP – send an email to: or call: 562.824.0453.
We look forward to your participation.

Tanya Quinn
Sasha Kanno
Aliye Aydin

SoCalHarvest has some trees that need a home.

SoCal Harvest has 15 (fruit bearing) Valencia orange trees available. The trees stand between 4 and 5 feet, are housed in 15 gallon buckets and weigh about 100 lbs. Most of the trees have (green) oranges on them now!

The trees have been sprayed and tagged by the California Department of Food & Agriculture and are ready to be adopted and planted -

(As there is currently a very deadly bug threatening citrus trees, these trees need to stay in southern California).

See more info via the link below:
Warm regards,

It should be planted as soon as possible - they've been in pots too long and need fresh nutrients and to take root!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Volunteers Needed for a Tree Care Day

Wrigley is Going Green is organizing another tree care day as a follow up to our 2007 tree planting. Saturday, July 30, 9 a.m. meet on the median at Daisy Avenue and Hill Street

We will be trimming branches, removing nursery stakes and lodge poles, along with weeding, fertilizing and watering where necessary. For those of you who helped plant the trees in 2007 it would be a good opportunity to see how they have matured.

We will supply gloves and water.

Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing, sunscreen and a hat would be a good idea.

We will need extra tools like lopers, shears/clippers, and channel locks, hammers and step ladders. We could use another pick up truck too. If you have any of these items or others you can think of, please bring them along.

Feel free to RSVP at wrigleyisgoinggreen@hotmai​

Mauna, Lee, and Lisa
Wrigley is Going Green!

p.s. Students who volunteer can receive credit for community service hours.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's in the Farm Box this week?

Thanks to Aliye and beachgreens  we are offering the following produce this week. We also have eggs for sale on a first come first serve basis. I hope to be increasing our flock soon so we can enjoy even more fresh eggs. Once you have our eggs you will never want anything else!

Farm Box: Lettuce, Zucchini, Cucumber, Tomato, Romano Beans, Corn, Fingerling Potato, Mint, Basil, Assorted Stone Fruit, Melon, Valencia Orange.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lindy and Grundy - local butchers (local to LA I mean)

In case you have not heard there is a new butcher shop in LA. With the local and sustainable movement taking such speed LA has opened a new butcher shop. Lindy and Grundy are taking the meat movement by storm.

Most of you probably don't know but the art of butchery is almost a lost skill. Tha average age of a butcher, if you can even find a real one, is over 50. We are very lucky that we have these ladies to bring some youth and fresh blood (so to speak) to the butcher shop.  Maybe we will be so lucky for Long Beach to eventually have something like this.

Please choose local when selecting your meat as well as your produce. Currently I purchase my beef from J&J Grassfed Beef. These ranchers have more of a CSA model and the pick up is blocks away from my house. We have recently found Dave and his fresh chickens to satisfy our chicken needs and are currently still looking for swine. know your farmer know your food applies on every aspect of the food chain.

Please read below and support local meats.
Happy Tuesday!

Dear Faithful Customers and Friends,

Lindy and Grundy just got back from a visit to the White House and the Chamber of Commerce, where they met with 125 young entrepreneurs below the age of 30.  Leading young business owners gathered in Washington DC to discuss the experience of being new small business owners in a downward economy, and to share on topics such as taxation, health care, and availability of starting capital.  Among those issues, Erika and Amelia brought up concerns about resource availability for local small family farms, and the necessity for small quality slaughter houses.  We feel so honored to have been invited to take part in such an opportunity, and to contribute to's new "BUY YOUNG" initiative.  Buy Local, Buy Young!!

Team Lindy and Grundy was a smashing success at Eat Real Fest which took place this weekend in Culver City!
Despite threats of "car-mageddon" the weekend went smoothly and went off without a hitch.

Erika and Jean-Claude (our freshest french master butcher) competed in a Steer butchering competition, where they went head to head against John aka "Hollywood" of Huntington Meats, and Brian from Harvey Gus.  It was a very educational experience for all, and while we did not get to take home the trophy, it was a delightful experience to work with other incredible butchers who have been at this so so much longer than us! 

Alex - aka Young Buck - also competed in a poultry butchering competition against Dave the Butcher (Bay Area) and Chef Mike (Bouchon, LA), and beat them in a contest to break down 3 chickens 3 ways (brick chicken, glove-boned chicken, and a chicken broken in 8 pieces) in under 6 minutes!  Yeah, Young buck!!!

In efforts to support this fantastic event, we closed to shop and brought our refrigerated van to the Helms Bakery to open up a mobile butcher shop!  We even offered a refrigerated valet system to folks who got our meat!  It was a push to offer such a variety of products at Eat Real, and the Lindy and Grundy Team had the time of our lives!

As we plan for our new home delivery program and butchery apprenticeship and instruction sessions, we are seeking to add several positions to the Lindy and Grundy team.  Amelia and I feel that the best way to seek out more team members is to reach out to our trusty clients to see whether anyone of your friends or family members come to mind as candidates to join us in our efforts to change our food system!  We are seeking both part time and full time positions in the front and back of the house!  We are starting our interview process at the end of this week!!

**Please encourage folks to apply by sending a resume and cover letter to

While we are closed tomorrow (tuesday, July 19th) catch us back at the shop on wednesday for some tasty meat!  Remember, it is PRIME GRASSFED SEASON so what is available currently at the shop is extra sweet!  Don't miss out on the fantastic quality of grassfed marbly goodness, as the season will come to an end soon.  Also keep in mind that much of the dry-aged product is finally ripe and ready for the grill!  Please call to inquire!

Come Join Lindy (Amelia) and Grundy (Erika) at Cochon 555 All Stars at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas this weekend!  Don't miss Grundy and Michael Sullivan (aka the Reverend of Fat) break down a pig together!!  What a treat!

Thank you for your unwavering support!
We look forward to seeing you at the shop!

Lindy and Grundy


Grab your very own Lindy and Grundy T-shirt available now at our shop at 801 N. Fairfax Ave. #105 Los Angeles, CA 90046  All sizes available in men and women's - $20.

Give the gift of delicious meat!  Refillable Lindy and Grundy's gift certificates are now available too, for any amount!  A perfect gift for your home butcher/cooking enthusiast!