Thursday, April 16, 2015

Brunch and a Greenhouse Rebuild!

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Farm happenings...

We are so excited for the next brunch in our 3 part series. This month we are featuring the last of what spring has to offer before we jet right past to summer. 

Farm Lot 59 along with Restauration invite you to join us for a meal on the farm!

The funds generated from this event are helping us rebuild our greenhouse. Having a greenhouse allows us to grow speciality produce only possibly produced from seeds. We only grow the best on our farm. We grow for flavor and what works well in our climate and with as little water as possible!

We are your local farm and we love hosting you for these special events focused on delicious food, great music and connecting with your community. 

Have a great Grand Prix and then we will see you on the farm!

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Donate Today!

Long Beach Local is an official 501(c)3 nonprofit. We are leading the way for agriculture education and awareness here in Long Beach. Help us grow our operation to better serve the community. 

Currently we are seeking funds to rebuild our greenhouse. We have outgrown our upcycled version and are making a version 3.0. No mice, rats, bugs or birds will be getting in this time. 
If you rather give materials than cash consider a Home Depot gift card, its all appreciated! 
We expect to be completed with this by the end of April. 
Thank you for the continued support!
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