Tuesday, December 3, 2013

End of the Year Donations and Thanks!

Dear Long Beach Locals-
We just wrapped up our second year farming on Farm Lot 59. We are starting to get the hang of it. Thank you to all our loyal customers who shopped with us at Farmstand 59 during the season. We will be announcing our 2014 schedule after the New Year. Get excited for another great season of pastured organically fed chicken eggs, heirloom and always non-GMO varitiy vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers for sale. We expect to have our first honey harvest in the spring as well as garlic, fava's and delicious leeks!
This winter we will be building some much needed infrastructure as well as expanding our orchard. If you have resources for either of these please let us know. We can always use lumber and building supplies and we have room to plant another 100 trees! Please contact us before coming by with your donations.
We have ambitions plans for 2014. Your support is the single factor that will make those plans a reality. Please donate to Long Beach Local today!
If you make a gift of support today, here's what we can accomplish in 2014.
  • Help us to replenish our seed bank for 2014
  • Send 2 farmers to the Ecological Farming Conference in January
  • Pay off the balance owed on our tractor
  • Rebuild the fence around the chicken yard
  • Expand our educational program so we can have summer camp on the farm!
At Farm Lot 59 we are dedicated to providing Long Beach with pesticide free, non-GMO, organically grown produce. By supporting the farm you are supporting a local business and keeping your tax deductible donations right here in the community. Become a member today for $25 or donate at any level. We appreciate the support.

See you on the farm.
Sasha Kanno
Executive Director and Farmer

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Sasha Kanno, 2714 California Ave, Long Beach, CA 90755

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