Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Harvest DInner this Sunday!

Local Harvest Dinner
Sunday October 21, 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.

On October 21, 2012 T’sSpace in collaboration with Farm Lot 59 and beachgreens are hosting the 3rd Annual Local Harvest Dinner.  This event is designed to celebrate the nourishing organic, local food that farmers, gardeners, chefs and distributers bring to our tables and offer an opportunity to educate and empower our community on the importance of eating and supporting healthy, organic and locally harvested food and products.  We hope to provide an opportunity for you to connect with the greater community and with one another in a casual, intimate setting.

We invite you as a Long Beach resident, local organic farmer, community gardener, chef or sustainable food provider to join our table.  We ask that you bring a dish using local, organic, and sustainably grown ingredients prepared from your harvest or local food provider to serve minimum 6 - 8 people, a place card describing your dish and where it came from.  We also invite you to bring surplus organic produce or products from your harvest to share at the Trading Post (a table for people to exchange their harvests & products like sweet potatoes and jam). We are inviting the community at large to do the same.  We want this event to be an experience where people leave feeling empowered to make sustainable choices in their life, form personal relationships with the people who are growing and distributing food here in Long Beach, eat healthy nourishing food and connect to our community.  Feel free to bring materials about your farm, garden or services.
We will share this communal meal, potluck style, at the beautiful new farm: Farm Lot 59
located at 2712 California Ave, Long Beach on Sunday, October 21st, 3:30 -  5:30pm.

To RSVP - send an email to: or call: 562.824.0453.


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Sasha Kanno
Aliye Aydin

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