Monday, December 19, 2016

Message From Dave, Board of Directors

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From Dave Clark, Board of Directors:
I spent thirty-two years teaching in the inner city for Los Angeles Unified School District. It's important to me that students receive a well-rounded education, not just things they learn from a book inside a classroom. One afternoon I took my students outside to work in the school's garden. While weeding, one student discovered the root on a dandelion and was startled to find it looked like a carrot. I mentioned that's how carrots grow, and the look of shock on his face, as well as the other students in the group led me to understand that most children don't really know where their food comes from. That is why after I retired, I knew that getting involved with the Living Classroom at Farm Lot 59 was important.

Your donation to Farm Lot 59 will give many students the opportunity to discover little things, like carrots grow in the ground, but so much more about plants and the food they eat. Donate today!

Any amount will help! Donations will help provide irrigation, plants, tools, and most importantly teachers and students. We are currently developing a curriculum that is aligned to Common Core Science and Math Standards. You can help bring this program to life, and be instrumental in potentially changing the lives of a multitude of young learners.

Donations made to Farm Lot 59 are tax deductible, please consider donating today.
I appreciate your attention to this matter, and remember you can help keep our vision alive. Our dedicated farmer works hard every day, and because of you we will be able to add teachers and students into this community on the Farm.

Dave Clark

PS Remember, you are our best advocate for keeping our urban farm active, and helping us provide much needed education for our youth. 
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Long Beach Local and Farm Lot 59 is an agriculture based official 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that relies on donations, grant funding and the sale of our farm products to cover our operational costs. Our mission is to help create citizen farmers in the City of Long Beach.
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