Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Help us grow something inspirational.

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Help us grow something inspirational.: 
When I think of Farm Lot 59, my mind fills with the juxtaposition of grit, tenacity and wonder.  It takes a special mix of characteristics to grow hearty organic produce in this environment, and it takes a singular sense of purpose to simultaneously grow a community of students and urban farmers and supporters.  In the abstract, it’s impressive.  But when I visit the farm, I am not only impressed, but I am inspired.  The uphill battles and transformational challenges I might face at work or in my personal life melt away and everything seems possible.  Seeing barren land transformed into productive soil and then working farm and then beautiful veggies and then plated food leads me to believe that determination and thoughtful effort is life giving and life changing.  So I go to the farm to be inspired.  And I support Farm Lot 59 and Sasha’s hard work because I want that experience for kids and citizen farmers of all ages.  I want my neighbors and fellow citizens to learn how to grow something from nothing and be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Please join me in supporting Farm Lot 59 – a unique slice of our community that will continue to blossom and inspire as long as we are there to help sustain it.

Justin Hectus

Board of Directors
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Long Beach Local and Farm Lot 59 is an agriculture based official 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that relies on donations, grant funding and the sale of our farm products to cover our operational costs. Our mission is to help create citizen farmers in the City of Long Beach.
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