Monday, March 9, 2015

Its Spring!!

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Farm happenings...

Grab those brunch tickets while there are still some available for our March 22nd event. This on farm brunch is going to be delicious! Chef Erick Simmons and owner Dana from Restauration are going to whip up some seasonal delights using Farm Lot ingredients including produce and eggs. During your visit, there is no better way to enjoy your Sunday than to sip and stroll around the farm with a Spring sangria, sparkling mocktail or craft beer while feeding the hens, see what’s in season and get inspired.

This farm brunch is part of our fundraising campaign to help cover the upkeep and maintenance costs of our small farm. We aim to be a focal point in your local food movement by producing organic produce, heirloom flowers, pastured eggs, education and training for our local citizen farmers.

More information and tickets can be purchased here


Thank You!

I would like to thank everyone who applied for our farmer job opening. Its comforting to know there is so much skilled and talented people in our city. 

We were able to hire 2 part-time farmers both coming from much different backgrounds and bringing fresh eyes and knowledge to our small farm. I look forward to introducing them to you over the season. 

I'm also very proud of the fact that we are at the point where we are able to pay people for their time and labor. I value our volunteers and love them for their dedication to our farm but moving from all volunteers to having paid staff is a huge accomplishment. Its a clear sign that we are doing the right thing down on our small farm. 

​Pastured Eggs, Salad Mixes, Microgreens Available For Sale!

Its official! Our pastured eggs are finally for sale at Working Class Kitchen. Along with our salad mixes, herbs, microgreens and fruit. This is the only place where you can purchase our items so please head there for your Farm Lot goodies.

​We recently posted some videos of our happy hens on social media. Check us out on Instagram and FB. @farmlot59 
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