Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Farm Lot 59 Second Saturday Market Place this Saturday Oct 11th

Hello Long Beach Locals-

Fall is in the air although its kinda hard to tell with the constant high temperatures. Hopefully we will get a break in the heat soon as us poor farmers need a little relief. I would like to welcome our new batch of work-share volunteers. They are already getting in the groove planting new crops, learning composting methods and learning the lay of our small land. I'm excited to work with them this season and hope to teach them everything they want to know. If you missed out we will be taking applications again in January for February commitment. 

I would like to thank Signal Hill Petroleum for the generous donation of another shade house. This time we are building one that will be used as a classroom and outdoor seating space on the farm. We love being their neighbors in the gulch and am so happy for this new addition on the farm. Instead of a class this month we decided to work together as a team and build this structure. Friday we will be pouring concrete and Saturday working to erect the frame work. If you would like to volunteer come down to the farm at 9am on Saturday morning to help.

Since we will have shade we have also added a few November and December classes to the calendar. Succulent Wreath Class and the Holiday Class. Last year we had so much fun and get crafty. This year we expect to do the same. The link for Eventjoy is on our website and I'll be posting about it again soon.

This Saturday the 11th Wide Eyes Open Palms will be pouring fresh brewed coffee, tea and serving seasonal pastries. Our very own The Lady Farmer will be serving breakfast using farm fresh ingredients and freshly baked bread. Long Beach Creamery will be here with jam, jelly and all sorts of sweet treats. Make sure to ask Dina what's happening with her brick and motor location (maybe bring her a beer too, stressful!) Our newest addition is Petersen Pottery Company little whiskey and baby bowels made in Eagle Rock. Sara and I have been friends for years and I'm so happy to support her talents. All of these folks are making small batch specialty products for your enjoyment. Come and support them on the farm.

See you Saturday on the farm!

-Sasha Kanno


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