Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank you!

Hello Long Beach Locals-
Last Thursday's event at Keesal, Young and Logan was fantastic. I appreciate all the work Justin Hectus did to make this a successful event. Everyone enjoyed the music from The Moonsville Collective and the food was fantastic. Justina from Shortnin Bread, produce from Aliye at beachgreens, chicken from Dave and Heather at New Frontier Family Farms and cheese and wine from Venissimo and the Organic Cellar. I'm telling you, next time we have a party you should come.
We were able to raise a sizable amount of funds but did come up a little short to fund our fence. If you were unable to attend but would still like to donate anyway please visit the website and click the Donate button on the side bar. All donations are tax deductible under our 501(c)3 non-profit status.
Our community work day on Saturday was awesome. We were able to plant everything in our greenhouse, reseed where the rabbits wiped us out and start more seeds in the greenhouse. The cycle continues.
At our June 9th work day I would like to paint our chicken coop. If you are interested in designing something fun let me know. Its a great coop but a little bland let's perk it up for the happy hens.
Thanks and see you on the farm.
Sasha Kanno
ph: 562.230.7207

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Sasha Kanno, 2714 California Ave, Long Beach, CA 90755

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  1. Painting the chicken coop sounds like fun. I've never seen one before though so not sure what to design around. Do you have a pic?

  2. I just posted a few pictures. It does sound fun! The kids that designed it called it the Chick Mobile. Their concept was very cute.

  3. I see it! It looks kind of like a trolley or train box car. Will painting supplies be available to use? I'm afraid I only have oils and brushes for canvas or panel painting.

  4. I can provide supplies. Would helpful for me to have a sketch or something to go from. If possible could you seeing by the farm? You can email me I'm excited.