Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tuesday, October 18th at city hall

This Tuesday, October 18th in the City Council chambers the lease for Farm Lot 59 will be up for a vote. The item is number 16 on the agenda, meeting starts at 5 so I'm sure you have plenty of time to come by after work. If you are unable to attend that's ok too, just keep us in your thoughts. The recommendation is for a full approval but you just never know!

Also happening same day, same place but at 3:30 in the afternoon:

Message from Donna of Long Beach Grows:
This Tuesday, October 18th starting at 3:30 in the City Council chambers the City of Long Beach will be addressing the suggestions made by Long Beach Grows and by the city’s Sustainable City Commission and Office of Sustainability, to allow urban agriculture, including small scale animal husbandry and beekeeping, without the current restrictions imposed by our municipal code.

It would be very helpful if you could attend the upcoming meeting, with as many PRO URBAN AG supporters and speakers that you can muster up. Although it is not required, each member of the audience who wishes to speak is usually given 1-2 minutes to do so.

In addition, whether or not you plan to attend, please it would be very helpful if you could send your supportive comments to your City Council representative as well as to each member of the Environmental Committee.

The Chair of the Environmental Committee is Dr. Suja Lowenthal:,

The Vice Chair is Patrick O’Donnell:,

The third city council member of the committee is James Johnson:,

If you don’t know who your City Council representative is, you can find that information here:

You can join her mailing list or find out more at

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