Monday, October 17, 2011

Hi Long Beach urban agriculture agvocates,

From Donna at Long Beach Grows. If you are interested in keeping backyard chickens, bees or goats I suggest you attend this meeting.

Our lease for the farm is also up this night on the City Council agenda. We are #16 on the list so bring a snack. See you on the steps of City Hall-
-Sasha Kanno

Hi Long Beach urban agriculture agvocates,

This is a final reminder that your help is requested at tomorrow's Environmental Committee meeting to be held October 18th starting at 3:30 PM at City Council chambers, 333 W Ocean Boulevard.

The City of Long Beach will be addressing the suggestions made by Long Beach Grows and by the city’s Sustainable City Commission and Office of Sustainability, to allow urban agriculture, including small scale animal husbandry and beekeeping, without the current restrictions imposed by our municipal code.

Let's fill the house! with PRO URBAN AG supporters and speakers!

Please try your best to attend, even if it means rearranging your busy schedule. Although it is not required, each member of the audience who wishes to speak is usually given 1-2 minutes to do so.

In addition, whether or not you plan to attend, please it would be very helpful if you could send your supportive comments to your City Council representative as well as to each member of the Environmental Committee.
The Chair of the Environmental Committee is Dr. Suja Lowenthal:,
The Vice Chair is Patrick O’Donnell:,
The third city council member of the committee is James Johnson:,
 If you don’t know who your City Council representative is, you can find that information here:
I would appreciate being cc'd on your emails:

A set of Talking Points was provided in a previous email. If for some reason you didn't receive that message and wish to see it, please let me know.

Thanks again for your support. I look forward to seeing you this Tuesday, that's tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Donna Marykwas
Long Beach Grows
Growing a more sustainable future

Long Beach Urban Agriculture Examiner

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