Thursday, August 10, 2017

Farmstand 59 is Open!

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Join us every Saturday from 10-2 !

Farmstand 59 was revived on July 1st, 2017. Every Saturday we grow stronger with community support, our regulars who do their weekly shopping at the stand, and learning about what serves our community best. We are open every Saturday in August, with more hours as soon as we get electricity. For now, we are powered by Long Beach Ice, and are able to provide you with fresh Weiser melon, ice cold kombucha, bacon, and eggs from our cooler. We know how much you love your farm fresh eggs, and how important it is to you that they are organically grown, ethically raised, and that their feed is corn and soy free. Every week you will find the highest quality eggs from trusted and true farmers. This week they are just $6 per dozen or $10 for two dozen. No yolk! Sorry, a little corny, but speaking of corn we have the best, sweetest organic non gmo corn from Tutti Fruitti farms this week. The farmstand is full of recipes and tips, here is a shopping list and recipe for a corn salad you can make with other speciality ingredients found at our sweet little stand:

Farmstand 59 Corn Salad

Farmlot 59 Stellar salad mix
Farmlot 59 cherry tomatoes
Weiser Family Farms flamingo and tequila bell peppers
Tutti Fruitti Farms sweet white corn
Bernard Ranch Valenica oranges, lemon and hass avocado
1 small R&J cipollini onion
S&P honey

You will need olive oil, vinegar and finishing salt. See our Hawaiian collection of finishing salts, olive oil to come.

Wash and dry your salad greens and place in a bowl. Slice cherry tomatoes in half, dice bell peppers, shuck corn and shave from cob, slice avocado. Reserve some tomatoes, bell pepper, corn, and avo for garnish so people know what's in the salad. Toss remaining ingredients with greens. Now make your salad dressing:

1 small ciopollini onion, about 2 teaspoons minced
juice lemon, about 2 1/2 tablespoons
juice valencia orange, about 5 tablespoons
3/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup golden balsamic vinegar (champagne or white wine vinegar will work also)
1 tablespoon S&P honey
1/2 – 3/4 teaspoon pink himalayan salt, adjust to taste
1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, adjust to taste

Why do those Bernard Ranch avocados taste so good? As with all of the produce at Farmstand 59, they are organically grown and picked at the right time. Store bought produce is picked to last a truck journey and for shelf life. Some of our produce might look a little funny — we call it "brutto ma buono", "ugly but good" in Italian. You will see the yeast on apples, nothing is shined or waxed, but it's what's inside that counts! The flavor of ripe, organically grown fruits and vegetables cannot be beat! It is a delicious way to not only nourish your body, but to nourish the community of local farmers and the web of sustainability. Speaking of eating Weiser, we are so proud to carry produce from this high desert growing family. Every week you will find a hand selected variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from Weiser Family farms. As with all of our produce, it will vary week to week and change with the seasons. We are loving melon season and have a full variety of all of Weiser's melons. For an extra special treat, check out Long Beach Creamery and see what Dina has been putting together with Weiser melons and other fruits from Farmstand 59.

Thanks and see you Saturday

Farmstand 59 is located at Farm Lot 59
Find directions here...


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