Friday, May 20, 2016

What's going on at Farm Lot 59?

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Farm Happenings


2016 Green Prize Award Winner for Urban Farm / Farmer: 

Green Education Inc. is thrilled to recognize Sasha Kanno as the 2016 “Urban Farmer of the Year” at this year’s Green Prize Festival. Sasha has been a stalwart member of the original urban farmer group here in Long Beach and we have been super impressed by the amount of green goodness that she has been able to grow and share with local residents and organizations.
Sasha is the Founder, Board President, and Director of Farm Operations for Long Beach Local, an agriculture based non-profit holding the lease for a community garden and urban farm. She is the farmer and vision behind Farm Lot 59. In 2016 alone, Sasha and her team produced close to 10 thousand pounds of organic produce and flowers from .5 acres of land...quite a feat for any local urban farmer!!! 
If that were not enough, Sasha is currently teaching at the Child Development Center at LBCC, at the PCC campus, and regularly at Farm Lot 59, as part their respective farming education programs. In the past, Sasha has taught at Roosevelt Elm, Birney Elm, and consulted for New City School Farm, as well as for many other local schools. She also founded Wrigley Garden. Sasha also farms at 3777 Rooftop in Bixby Knolls. 

Sasha’s mission is to grow the best varieties, rare and heirloom best suited for this climate of coastal desert and to train other citizen farmers. She has been awarded numerous grants and awards for her work in the community as a leader, innovator and driving force in the local food movement. She lives in Wrigley with her husband and young son, Nalu.
You are a shining example, Sasha, of what one community member can do to initiate healthy food growing/eating choices and we so appreciate that you are sharing your expertise, skills and knowledge with the next generation of urban farmers!
Congratulations on being selected as the 2016 Urban Farmer of the Year!



working on local food policy

Get involved in changing local policy: Watch local growers, residents, and city council members speak eloquently and passionately in support of furthering Urban Agriculture in Long Beach through #AB551, the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act - this agenda item on May 10th set up a 60 day study from the City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability / City Manager's office to ensure the feasibility of implementing the policy. We're excited for the next step, and will be calling for a broad base of support when the study is released in July. 

              Follow Long Beach Fresh to stay in the loop on this important issue.

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come to a bbq!

June 5th at the Farm Lot: Support our Outdoor Classroom and Education Station by buying a mixed plate and spending the afternoon at Farm Lot 59. Chef Sean Yontz, Farmer Sasha and Private Chef Sarah Lim will be cooking a picnic style BBQ for the community. 

Menu includes meat from our roasted pig and side dishes from the farm ( If you are veg you can skip the pig and get all veggies! ). We welcome you to bring a blanket or lawn chair and cooler for an afternoon at the farm. 

Long Beach Ukulele Club will be there strumming along while you enjoy your hog. 

Help us to be green and bring your own utensils, silverware and napkins!

You can pre purchase tickets or pay at the BBQ. Please be considerate of the fundraiser and do not bring in outside food. And as always outside pets are not allowed.

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Long Beach Local and Farm Lot 59 is an agriculture based official 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that relies on donations, grant funding and the sale of our farm products to cover our operational costs.
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