Monday, February 1, 2016

CNG & Children's Garden Update

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New for 2016 we are now Certified Naturally Grown!: I'm super excited to tell you about our recent certification. Certified Naturally Grown is a grassroots organization that audits farmers who don’t use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. CNG is a private non-profit organization that's not affiliated with the USDA's National Organic Program. CNG's certification approach is based on the participatory guarantee system (PGS) model that relies on peer reviews in which inspections are typically carried out by other farmers. The PGS model promotes farmer-to-farmer knowledge sharing about best practices and fosters local networks that strengthen the farming community. This model uses an approach that minimizes paperwork and keeps certification dues affordable. 

Another difference is that Certified Naturally Grown’s certification process is transparent and open to the public. Every CNG producer has a profile on the website. On it you will find the information they submitted in their application, as well as scanned images of their inspection reports and signed declaration.

​Please read more about their program and view our Farm Lot 59 profile on their site! #proudtobecng

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children's garden update

A message from the Karadayi Family:
Evan has been active in school with a full academic load focusing on Architecture, as well as school and club athletics these past four years. In addition to this, Evan had always wanted to join scouting since a young child. This became a reality for him just 4 short years ago. He’s on the fast track to attaining his Eagle Scout rank. For those of you not familiar with the scouts, the top rank is the Eagle merit badge (before the age of 18), attainable by a capstone project, if you will, which culminates in the display of all skills gained through scouting achievements which only about 6% nationwide achieve. Evan has chosen an epic size project (even by standards of the Eagle Board Council) that displays his skills of design, architecture, project management, community service, and leadership skills. He’s always strived for high achievements and this project certainly reflects this.

Evan has asked me to pass along to you his service project benefiting Farm Lot 59. The owner Sasha Kanno has created a real gem in the city of Long Beach that gives back to the community in a gamut of ways. Together, they’ve created a platform for Evan to achieve his Eagle rank and for Farm Lot 59 to have an amazing Children’s Garden that will serve as an outdoor “living" classroom for children and various organizations interested in learning more about where food comes from and sustainable agriculture practices. 

We are very proud of this young man! I hope you can join us in support of Evan’s journey toward Eagle Scout Rank. And, if not in donations, in thoughts and good will.

Our warmest gratitude and thanks for your generosity and support.  
Ahmet, Robin, Gayle and Evan Karadayi


Long Beach Local and Farm Lot 59 is an agriculture based official 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that relies on donations, grant funding and the sale of our farm products to cover our operational costs. Our mission is to help create citizen farmers in the City of Long Beach.
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