Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Notes from the farm

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Happy Summer y'all! Its officially summer here in the LBC although I don't think we had spring and I don't even remember what winter is. Oh, well. We are picking summer squash by the cases, fresh herbs, purple and green beans, asparagus, salad mixes. The kale and mustards are being destroyed by the bagrada bug. Everything else is just keeping us occupied until tomato season hits. Our eggplant is looking happy and healthy, nice our soil work is paying off. We have okra sprouting in the greenhouse and the dahlia buds are just beginning to open.

Thank you everyone who attended our Chicken Keeping workshop and our Gardening Class. We are going to take a break during the summer months but will be back with classes in September to help you get your fall/ winter garden going strong. As always events and ticket links are posted on the front of our website. Consider joining as a member to receive first pick and member pricing on everything.

If you happen to follow us on Instagram or Facebook  you might have seen us posting about the chicken massacre that has been happening at the farm. Over the last week we have had night predators wiping out our egg laying hens. We took every precaution possible to keep our flock happy and healthy but we failed. Turns out we had a skunk killing our hens in the predawn hours. My husband camped out night after night and finally figured out what was happening. We have been setting traps and have started to catch them but the damage is done. Most of the pullets that just started laying have been destroyed. 

For us chicken keeping was not a profitable enterprise but we loved producing a delicious local egg for you folks to eat. Unfortunately this means our egg production operation has basically ended. What we do have will still be for sale at Working Class Kitchen

Thank you for supporting the local restaurants that support us. There is a full list on our site. By selling to them we are able to keep growing food locally and teaching farming in Long Beach.

See you on the farm-
Sasha Kanno

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