Tuesday, July 29, 2014

August Market Place, farm eggs, work-share and more!

Hello Long Beach Locals-

We are in mid stride at the farm but summer is quickly moving behind us. I try not to rush the seasons and enjoy everything it has to offer but when your farming you are always looking ahead. Thinking of ways to improve efficiency, product, yields. Right now I'm thinking about my fall crops. What worked last year, what very much didn't. Phase out the spent tomatoes and get back to rapini. 

If you are interested in learning what to do in your garden this time of year please join us for our August 9th class on the farm. Starting at 11 we will be hands on seed starting showing you different methods, seed selection and what medium to use. You will take home a packet of seeds and some starts that you have planted with us. Class is $10 and rsvp is recommended. Please see Alicia at the Farmstand Saturday morning for payment.

We are also currently accepting Fall 2014 work-share applications. Blanks are available in the Farmstand or you can download here...work-share. We ask for a 2 day commitment, 3 hours each shift. You day choices are Monday, Tuesday or Friday. Please commit to the same day every week so we know how to schedule the work. Sorry for all the 9 to 5ers. We do have occasional Saturday work days and you are welcome to attend any of those. Application deadline is the 15th. We will have orientation on the 18th and make our selection right away. Thanks for all of you committed to help keeping agriculture in the LBC.

Lastly I have great news for all my egg eaters. I found a better deal on organic grain and am lowering the price to $9 dozen. If you are a annual member of Long Beach Local you get 10% off all purchases and that makes your eggs $8 doz and that is a screaming deal. Eggs comparable to ours are typically $1each. Yes, each egg. I want to be able to provide eggs at a reasonable cost but the price of organic non-gmo grain is insanely expensive. So for now that's the best we can do.

Thanks again. We love you and thanks so much for the support. See you on the farm AUGUST 9TH.

-Sasha Kanno







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