Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hello Long Beach Locals-

Thank you so much for coming to visit us at the Bixby Park Farmers Market. Unfortunately we will no longer be attending this market. It was nice to be off the farm and meet new friends but we have decided that this market its not a good fit for us. We appreciate all of you shopping with us and hope you will continue to do so on our farm. Our Farmstand 59 will be opening June 14th and every 2nd Saturday after that.

Please join us on the farm June 14th from 10-1. You will be able to purchase our locally grown produce, have breakfast using farm products, enjoy coffee, music and more. I'll send out details introducing everyone soon.

I do apologize for the change of plans but its the best decision for our farm. We work to hard to have the up most integrity in our farming practices. We grow everything ourselves or if we purchase from another organic farmer we make that very clear. At these local farmers markets there is no transparency and its very deceiving for the consumer to navigate. Weather you shop with us at our farmstand or the market know you are getting the highest quality product produced here in Long Beach.

I appreciate your loyalty to us and can't wait to have you back on the farm. See you all soon!

-Sasha Kanno



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