Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Volunteer positions and work-share

Spring is just about here and we are now accepting applications for our work-share program. Please click on the link below and download the pdf. You are also welcome to stop bye the farm on Fridays between 9-12 to pick up a copy.

We are asking you work with us at least 2 days a week. Your shift starts at 9 and ends at 12. You will be compensated in produce that you help grow on the farm. Our days available are Tuesday-Friday. We ask you commit to your scheduled days.


 I'm sorry for all the people only available on Saturday's. I promise to have more open volunteer days and workshops for you to attend.

If you are interested in gardening in our community garden we are still taking applications for our new garden in Orizaba Garden.

See you on the farm!

Sasha Kanno

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