Friday, August 9, 2013

Farmer Ben send's an update

Letter from a local boy living the farming dream...

Hi Sasha,

Just wanted to say hi and share my blog with you. But also I wanted to thank you for taking me on as a volunteer because you taught me so many things about organic farming. I didn't expect it but I was able to start woofing with enough knowledge that the dairy farmers are asking me for advice on reviving their vegetable garden. 

The work isn't tough, but there's a large quantity of daily chores (milking at 7:30 a.m., mucking stalls, herding sheep, collecting eggs, etc.) that need to be done which makes accomplishing longer term projects more difficult.

I'm a bit behind in my blog entries but the one post I'm looking forward to doing is a "Meet the farm family" with photos and personality descriptions for all of the cows, stay tuned!

Here is my blog:

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Anyway, hope you're well and that progress is being made down at the farm. I saw you got a bit of recent press in the Press-Telegram and also LBPost about donations for a tractor. That's exciting!



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