Monday, July 29, 2013

Primal Pastures Recipe Share and Facebook Contest!

A Message from Primal Pastures:

Hi there!  Farmer Paul here :)  The last couple of months I have seen some amazing Primal Pastures creations being posted to Facebook, emailed to us, and talked about at our drop sites.  Patricia's kofta kabobs, Jackie's chicken zucchini spaghetti, Jimmy's Morrocan meatballs, Jessica's rosemary chicken, and Chris' bone broth are just a few of the amazing dishes that we have had the pleasure of hearing about.  Well NOW it's time to put your inner food blogger to work and get some of these amazing dishes onto plates across SoCal!  And in order to motivate you, we're offering a $50 Primal Pastures gift card for the champ :)

So here's how to play: Take some photos of your Primal Pastures creations this month and send your best photo along with the recipe to with the subject "Recipe Share".  The deadline for submissions is Saturday, 8/17.  There is no limit to how many entries you can make.  We will create an album to post on our Facebook page for one week with each photo and the core.  The recipe/photo with the most "likes" will win the gift card!  We will try to put as many of your recipes as possible onto the website with your name on them, too.  This contest is only open to the VIP list (previous customers).

Who: All Primal Pastures VIP List
What: Subject "Recipe Share" + photo + recipe
When: Deadline for submissions is Saturday 8/17

There are so many amazing ways to prepare real food.  Help pass your knowledge on to others and take a chance at winning some free Primal Pastures goodies!  We have drops this Saturday 8/3 in Pasadena, LA, Long Beach, and farm pickup available, so jump into the store and place an order if you haven't already.  Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing those beautiful creations!

Farmer Paul
The Primal Pastures Team
Tom, Jeff, Paul and Rob

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  1. Thanks for posting! Excited to see some of these creations :)