Tuesday, June 5, 2012

2nd Saturday Work Day this Saturday.

Hello Long Beach Locals-

This weekend is our monthly 2nd Saturday Build Day. We will be at the farm from 9-3. We fire up the grill and break for lunch around noon. If you are interested please bring something to throw on the grill, your own utensils, plates etc. If you care to bring something to share you are also welcome to do that.

This month we are doing some much needed farm chores. We are working on our compost and getting ready to build phase II of the farm. The sloped area needs tons of compost, manure and to start staking it out. Once we are ready we will be building some terraces and permanent trellis but for now we are still prepping the area. We will also be soil blocking and seed starting. Great opportunity for you to learn a new plastic free method of seed starting.

If you are interested in composting but are unable to do it at home you are welcome to bring your compost to the farm. You can keep a small container on your counter to collect your kitchen scraps and keep a larger 5- gallon bucket under your sink or outside. There are various lids for the buckets that will keep the stink in and the critters out. When you come to the Build Day or to any of our work days (Wed & Fri 9-3) you are welcome to bring your waste. I'll show you where to dispose of it and how to turn the pile. Its a little bit of work but its helping us build our soil and reducing the waste that goes into our garbage. You are also welcome to bring yard clippings and other green waste. It needs to be pesticide and chemical free and chopped into 1" to 2" pieces. Click this link for a list of things you can compost. And as always help yourself to the mulch pile.

See you on the farm.

Sasha Kanno

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