Saturday, December 3, 2011

I ain't even got the right #

This was one heck of a week. Sometime Monday the hawks got 3 of my hens. There were feather poofs by the willow tree, the coop and in the driveway. Sorry girls. I rigged some shade cloth to give them more protection. Plus when it rustles in the wind its spooky. I can't wait to get my new coop built. Total protection and on wheels. I need it up and running by February so I can put my new flock out safely. Need to build that brooder box too so Jennifer and the girls can raise their baby chicks. So many things.
Then on Wednesday night during the insane wind storm my greenhouse was destroyed. Total destruction. I used it already for 2 years at another growing ground but over there it was protected by a few buildings and a nice big eucalyptus tree. Here it was wide open, it never stood a chance. But it was not staked down either so who knows. We all talked about doing it but nobody did so, we all suck. Its ok, we can build another one. I just need it built by February so I can get my starts going. I mean the whole point is to grow stuff. Everything else is just bonus.

Plus side to the week is there are some grants popping up and some great opportunities for us to get out and spread the good word. I made some banners to help find us. The construction happening on California Ave has no end in sight so please give yourself some time to get lost. The only way to get to the farm is come up on Willow, go past the barricades and pull in the double gate on the right. Parking is to the left by the mailbox. 

Speaking of mailbox. Is there anyone out there with a little time and some creative energy? I would love a new mailbox. Something fun and that goes with our logo.  Wilson signs is making us a really awesome sign for the entrance and I think the mailbox needs to step up its game.

So that's week # 3 on the farm. Its not easy folks but it sure is amazing.

See you on any of our workdays. You don't need to call or email just come down. Its best if you show up at 9 and work until we break for lunch. That way we can all start a project together and either finish it or get to a good stopping point. 

Thanks so much-

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