Saturday, June 18, 2011

Farm Box and fresh chicken!

We are pleased to announce a new relationship with New Frontier Family Farm. Fresh chicken!!

I met Dave recently and tried some of his wonderful chicken. His product will be available for pick up on Farm Box days. We are currently biweekly, our next pick up is June 22nd. Please order directly from Dave and pick up with us in front of Bella Cosa in Bixby Knolls. You do not have to purchase a Farm Box to purchase chicken. If you have any questions Dave will be at our next pick up or you can contact him:
Dave Fikel
Chino, California

Here is a little bit about Dave, Heather and their farm...

     Our family would like to introduce you to our family business, New Frontier Family Farm.  We are not a large farm that mass-produces tens of thousands of birds weekly without respect or consideration for our responsibility to the chicken, land, or consumer.  We are a small-scale family run farm that emphasizes showing respect and appreciation to the earth and our dependence on it.

     We raise our chickens for their entire lives on our farm & process on site.  This way, there is no stress of loading the birds into cages, onto a large truck, and driving them to a processing facility, all of which increases the stress on the birds and affects the health & quality of the meat. 

     While the chickens are with us, they enjoy fresh, new pasture every day.  They are outside to feel the sunshine, fresh air, and be able to forage for the food nature intended them to eat.  We absolutely do not keep our birds in any type of enclosed hen house; this is an unhealthy and unnatural way for the chickens to live.  Our birds are raised in moveable outdoor pens, called chicken tractors, which protects them from predators and ensures they get fresh pastureland everyday. 

     Last, our chickens are not medicated, given antibiotics, or fed any type of hormones to enhance growth; rather, they are given wholesome organic food, fresh pasture, fresh air, and respect.

     We would love the opportunity to share with you; our delicious, healthy, and locally grown chicken. 

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